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About Our Management

Steve and Georgina our fearless leaders

Steve has over 40 Years Training and Certifying Divers and Professionals. Steve has lived and worked in 19 Countries and is multi-lingual, he has been a para-medic, hyperbaric trainer and a technical and recreational assessor examiner. Professional qualifications include: IANTD / TDI/SDI and IDEA/CMAS Course Director - PADI IDC-Staff / MI and NAUI Course Director...

Georgina has been diving since 2002 and was the Co-Founder of ITDA with Steve.

  1. Standards
  2. Scuba Training
  3. First-Aid Training
  4. Instructor Training

ITDA Training Projects

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Short Bio About ITDA

Who are we?

The "ITDA" International Technical Diving Agency are a full-service training and certification business, which has been trading in Europe since 1998. We operate in 60+ Countries and due to Brexit and EU standards issues, we are forming New Trading Partnerships across Europe. This will mean that from next year our training partners in Europe will operate with ITDA HQ. 


Why you may not have heard of us.

Because we have a long history of working only with limited exclusive partners and we do not want to flood the market like many of our competitors. ITDA are focused on higher standards with more diving theory and more training dives, plus rescue skills… From Entry Level to Professional.

What we do?

We offer a systematic and educational approach to diver training and first-aid, with standards from UK-HSE, ANSI/EN, ISO and various national federations and government bodies. Which means that our training and standards are recognised and accepted World-wide.

We offer many courses from non-diving, (Swimming and Free Diving / Snorkelling / Decompression Theory / CPR / Oxygen / AED/DEA First-Aid,) Entry Level Scuba Diving Experience and Day Courses, Open Water Scuba Diver, Advanced Diving, Leadership to Instructor Training.


Benefits Offered from ITDA.

Higher Training Standards

International Recognition and Acceptance

Higher Quality and Greater Value for Money

International Club System for schools and colleges, Social Clubs  etc.

New Partners in Spain with local dive centres from Malaga to Alicante, plus the Canary & Balearic Islands

We are growing daliy Worldwide with our expansion in ITDA Divepro

International Membership System with great benefits and low costs to join link here!

We have Training programs to suit your Timescale and budget, from guided Introductions with our caring Instructors, to Professional Training allowing YOU to join our team of Instructors and share your knowledge and love of the Underwater World with others.