About ITDA workshops

ITDA has over the past ten (10) years been developing new training techniques and programs for our Professional and higher levels, and this has been the base for our "Workshop Programs", which are intended to push ITDA above other agencies in terms of both scope and practical education for higher professional levels. Also to provide advanced support to our members and training partners around the world.

What is a workshop?

Firstly we examine the concept and process of workshop training and development...


The ITDA Workshops are a way of getting the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time-frame. With modular classes and lessons with evaluations and assessments...steve

Who Leads the ITDA Workshops?

Our workshops are led by Industry experts in the topics and subject materials and cover diverse and complex issues that are not normally taught or trained in the diving industry!

Many of our workshops are led by our founder "Stephen J. Craig-Murray" who has over 40 years experience in training divers and professionals. (His profile is below)

stevecmSteve still has a deep passion for diving and teaching and has lived and worked in 19 Countries. Recreational / Sports Diving qualifications include: Master Instructor, NAUI Course Director, IDEA Course Director, CMAS Trainer, and over 60 Specialist Trainer ratings. Technical Diving with; IANTD, TDI/SDI... First-Aid and Medical;  DAN Trainer, Hyperbaric Trainer, AREMT Global Assessor. DMT Trainer, EMT-P and dive accident specialist.  Steve was also a University Lecturer for 3 years and has degrees in: Computer Science, Business Management and Education... BSc. MSc. PhD.

Format of ITDA Workshops

The learning environment is relaxed and two way communication with feedback is greatly encouraged, small groups are preferred to offer adequate time for candidate to receive a "Personal Learning Experience"...

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