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International Technical Diving Agency, ITDA Specialist Technical Training and Certifications are our range of both industry standard and unique ITDA programs. Certifications listed below:

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Below is a comprehensive list of our technical diver certification programs, many are being updated... To meet new 2018 standards.

Advanced Nitrox - Decompression Diving - Deep Air - Extended Range Diving - Staged Decompression

Wreck Diving - Deep Wreck - Wreck Rescue - Advanced Technical Wreck - Mixed Gas Wreck Diving - Trimix Diving - Entry Trimix (Normoxic) - Trimix Diver - Advanced Trimix - Rebreather Diving - SCR (Semi-Closed Curcuit) / CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) - Mixed Gas CCR - Advanced CCR - AP Diving-CCR Inspiration, Classic - Evolution / Evo+.  Megaldon - Submatix (100) - Hammerhead (Jurgensen Marine).  Cavern and Cave Diving - Introduction to Cave Diving - Cave Diver - Advanced Cave Diver - Cavern Diver - Gas Blending - Nitrox and Trimix - Cylinder Visual Inspection.


More in Developement from ITDA HQ

The ITDA are focused on higher quality training and have created a unique assessment and skills evaluation process based on our step system, building student knowledge and skills slowly (At the pace of the student!) ... 

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...

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