ITDA Technical Instructor

Training and Certification

The ITDA Technical Instructor is a unique industry rating for three (3) reasons: 1. Our Technical Instructor Level can train and certify "Technical Divers" and will only pay for their highest certification level as one annual renewal. 2. Our Technical Profesionals may also train and certify our Sports Diver levels to leadership and entry level Scuba Instructor and ITDA Club Instructor. 3. Our Technical Instructors may qualify to upgrade to Sports Scuba Trainer and Assessor level by attending an ITDA Workshop...  see ITDA Pro Workshop page.

cave-diverITDA Technical Professional

ITDA Technical Professionals are at the very top of their game in advanced and technical diver education and training, offering courses from "Entry Level Technical Diver" (Advanced Nitrox and or / Decompression Diver).


How to become an ITDA Technical Professional?

We have three (3) paths to becoming an ITDA Technical Instructor;

1. You must be an ITDA or other agency "Advanced Scuba Instructor and First-Aid Instructor", 21 years old, with over 150 logged dives andnitrox-diversminimum of 60 Certifications at advanced levels... Complete a course with an ITDA Technical Trainer/Assessor and be evaluated and certififed by an ITDA Technical Director.

2. Internship upgrade with an ITDA Technical Trainer/Assessor, working as a co-instructor and co-certifying ITDA Technical Courses.

3. Crossover from another Technical Training Agency; You may crossover and certify at the same levels you are qualified to train and certify with your current agency. You must meet the requirements in point 1. above. Plus you may qualify by experience to upgrade to ITDA Trainer designate and attend an ITDA Assessor Workshop.

Benefits of Teaching and Certifying ITDA

Teaching and training ITDA Technical Diving offers many benefits, including; Higher Training Standards, More Technical Theory, More actual dives per course program. Plus many choices for student studies from; Self-Study, On-line and classroom instructor led programs.

High Quality Training Materials at excellent prices and with a very large choice of formats, from .PDF E-Books available as instant downloads to USB Flash Drives and even licensed instructor loan materials... Therefore even if you do not hold any stock of materials, you may loan students your licensed copy materials (By agreement with ITDA HQ) and never miss an opportunity! 

High quality and updated (Every two years) ITDA Technical Presentations and Training Materials... Last update 2017/18.

NOTE: All certifications will only be issued when the student has purchased orginal ITDA Materials.  We can also offer a single price for materials which will include: e-certification and e-materials.


Certification Programs