Training Instructors

ITDA Instructor Trainers are offered as an upgrade path from advanced or specialist instructor levels, for those professionals with a strong desire to train and certify at higher education levels. From 2018 we are including the Assessor program as included in all ITDA Trainer Programs.

About ITDA Instructor Trainerjump_entry

The Instructor trainer level has always been a senior instructor level for those with a great deal of experience with specialist skills and knowledge in training divers.

Many agencies have different titles, for example PADI the Professional Association of Diving Instructors have a level they call "STAFF INSTUCTOR", which is essentially an Instructor trainer as they help / assist Course Directors with Instructor Development Courses. They must then attend a CD Course to become a course director.

ITDA Instructor trainer offers a clear and simple route to our Course Director level, as an upgrade path based on experience and attendance at an ITDA Course Director Course Programs or attendence at a Course Director Assessor workshop.course_director Which are held four (4) times a year in various ITDA Regions.

Who can qualify to attend our Trainer Programs?

Simply any ITDA Instructor who has over three years training experience, and has certified over 50 students at higher levels; (Advanced, Specialist L2 and Dive Leader) may apply to attend an ITP-Trainer Course, which is conducted at the same time as an Instructor Training Course program.

ITDA Professionals demonstrating exceptional skills and who are mature and have a strong desire to work with instructor candidates, may apply to ITDA HQ requesting a place on the next ITDA Trainer Workshop.

Any senior instructor from any agency who has experience with training leadership levels, and / or experienced Technical Instructors with the desire to become trainers or trainer assessors.  See Link Here to ITDA Trainer Workshop...

About Us

The ITDA are focused on higher quality training and have created a unique assessment and skills evaluation process based on our step system, building student knowledge and skills slowly (At a pace for the student!).

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...




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