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Specialist Diving Programs

At this level (ITDA Specialist Diving) any divers from any agency at Open Water Certification (4+ Dives) or from ITDA Open Water Diver or Club Diver (6+ Dives) levels may train and certify as "Specialist Scuba Divers". Using the ITDA Specailist Training Modules.

Unique Specialist Training Modules... Sports & Technicalfsh

ITDA offers a unique series of training levels to match divers abilities as they progress in training and experience from Introduction / Entry Level, through Intermediate Levels to truly Advanced Specialist Diver levels with over 12+ Dives at advanced Specialist levels and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Equipment Specialist Dry-Program

bcdThe ITDA Equipment Specialist Program Module is designed to offer a greater understanding of all of the elements of equipment used in Scuba Diving and also covers ancillary equipment and dive computers.


What is included in the Equipment Specialist Program?mask

Basic Equipment requiring minimal maintainance:

Mask - Snorkel and Fins - Wetsuits and Weight Belt / Weight Systems

Equipment Requiring Trained Maintenancecompass

Scuba-Unit: Cylinder - 1st.Stage / 2nd Sage Regulators - (BCD) Buoyancy Control Device - SPG and Depth Guage - Drysuit (Zips) and Valves - Consoles - Dive Computers - Hoses

cutterScuba Diving Ancillary Equipment.

Diving Knives - SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) - UW Compass - Line Cutter - Reels and Lines - Slates - Whistle - Torches - Chemical Lights (Cylume Sticks) Dive Boots - Hoods etc. etc.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Equipmentdrysuit

We can teach and train you how to buy good quality dive equipment at a good price and how to clean and maintain it in the best condition possible.

Any equipment that comes into direct contact with your body, especially; Mask, Snorkel and Regualtors, should be cleaned with anti-microbial soap (Like those used in Hospitals) to prevent infections. 

Wetsuits and Drysuits should also be cleaned, rinsed and dried after every dive. BCD's should also be cleaned inside and out, with all dump valves checked and cleaned. Most all other dive equipment maybe just washed and rinsed in freash water. And stored clean and dry.

We now operate with professional training partners in 60+ Countries and covering; UK. Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Caribbean, Central and South America and the Middle-East / Africa, also Asia and South-East Asia.



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