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Dive Theory Physics / Physiology

New diver program replacing the old decompression procedures program, theory-only, offering training and International certification to "Experienced Sports Divers", and required basic knowledge for all ITDA Technical Diving certifications. All Diving is "DECOMPRESSION DIVING"...

About Our "Decompression Diver" Programgas_laws

This Decompression program is redefining, safe deep diver training, with programs to 30m/100ft. and 40m/132ft. and is required to advance to many of our technical diver programs. Many sports scuba training and certification agencies DO NOT Teach or train divers in decompression theory or procedures, as they consider recreational scuba as "NON-DECOMPRESSION", diving.

However, ITDA adopts the attitude, that all diving is decompression diving based on simple dive physics; We enter a water column and are breathing compressed air at and to depth, therefore on ascent we are by nature "DECOMPRESSING or OFF-GASSING", the air that we have absorbed during the dive...

ITDA offers a unique two stage certification process:cold

Stage 1. Theory Only (Available as a Dry Program with certification as an academic course) from ITDA Instructors and also available as an on-line program from 2018...  This is highly recommended for all levels of divers and from any agency! As knowledge is power and the more you understand about the risks, the better prepared you can be if a problem should occur!  Course e-book available with a presentation and quiz from just: $39.99  Includes e-card and e-certificate. email here to order NOW!

Stage 2. Decompression Procedures. Available where dives have a depth of 30m/100ft or more. ITDA Specialist Instructors and all ITDA Technical Instructors may train and certify "Decompression Diving". Courses are available from ITDA Instructors... Please mail us for an instructor in your area:

Or you may combine both parts as our "Decompression Diver / Deco Procedures Program 3-4 days, at an ITDA Training facility...

Why Decompression Diver?

Sometimes there are excellent reasons to dive deeper; Wreck Exploration - Unusual Marine Life - Research and of course Rescue & Recovery...

We explain in our deep diver sports specialist program that you should not deep without good cause and a dive objective, andcylinders extended range diving is the same.

 The most essential skills in deeper diving are, "A Clear understanding of decompression theory", and "Dive Planning / Gas Management", and "Rescue Procedures"... Decompression diving is about diving to the edge of the envelope, pushing yourself to your "SAFEST LIMIT", under experienced professional supervision...

What we cover

In this extensive 2 part program we cover:

Dive Planning & Execution

Emergency Management Planning

Equipment Configurations & Back up Safety Equipment

*Side Mount Module is optional (and available as a Certification or Elective Option)

Decompression Theory (Physics and Physiology)

Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine & Deep Diving Accidents

Deep Rescue & Recovery

Introduction to Overhead Environments

6-8 Open Water Training Dives(Plus, Dives may be added for practice or pleasure)

You can imagine from the training and material covered that this is a very serious diving program, and is ONLY intended for very experienced divers.  *Side Mount is available in this program to be included as  an optional module or available as a stand alone certification...

The Benefits of this 2 part system are:

You have more choice about how you manage and control your study time and methods...

Our system is flexible... You can save time and money by completing the part 1. as a web or E-Learning program...



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