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Specialist Advanced Nitrox

As ITDA Scuba certification programs evolved from our Technical diving background it made sense for us to create an upgrade path for any agency Nitrox divers to study and learn more about using nitrox for safer diving, with theory in decompression and as an introduction to technical diving.

ITDA Advanced Nitrox as an Introduction to Technical Divingntech

After the Sport Diver Nitrox or Resort Nitrox Certifications, where can a diver learn more about Nitrox Diving at a resonable cost and not taking up weeks and weeks of time, like many technical diving programs do?  Simple ITDA Sports Advanced Nitrox is the answer!

Who may enter the Advanced Nitrox Program?

Any agency diver with a Nitrox Diver Certification may take the program providing they are a minimum of 16 years of age, Limitations will exist for divers under 18 years old in terms of depth and decompression dives.  Note for Technical Certifications divers MUST be over 18 years of age at graduation...

ITDA highly reccommends training in CPR First-Aid and Diving First-Aid Oxygen First=Aid from IHMP First-Aid and Medical Training available from ITDA/IHMPnitrox Instructors worldwide.

ITDA Sports Diving Advanced Nitrox Certification Overview

x2 Training Dives with skills on Nitrox Mix of up to 40% (Normally 1 dive on 36% and 1 dive on 40%

Dives MUST planned in accordence within MOD limits for the gas mix with a safety margin of 20%

Depth and Dive Times MUST be limited to Gas Mix

x2 Dives up to 50% as Decompression Dives with a 50% Nitrox mix used for the Decompress stage of the dive (Dive will be AIR)

4 dives Total Experience on Advanced Nitrox Mixes to Decompression Procedures.

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