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Crossover to ITDA at Leadership Level

Our Leadership level is unique in the Diving Industry as we do not just train this level to supervise divers in training as many agencies do... But we offer a number of upgrade options which can be included in our Leadership Certification. We also offer crossovers and upgrade paths from other agencies.

ITDA Crossoversdiver

We are unique in many ways in the Sports diving world as not only do we accept multi-agency instructors and divers but we actively encourage them...  

dp16As we want our instructors to train their students with the best programs and materials available... And because sometimes you need to offer a choice based on what training and certification your customers want and not just what you have available...

 For this reason Sports and Technical divers want to simply have a choice based on what they want rather than what is available to them... So ITDA Group offers more....

Even more importantly for diving professionals, we want you to be able to provide the best needs and requirements for your students (i.e. Your Customers) and often this may require working with more than one agency as not all agencies offer a complete package to meet market needs like ITDA Group can...xovr

An Exclusive Organisation

Unlike other agencies and training bodies we are not concerned about being the largest training organisation in the world, having every dive centre and instructor competing with each other for the same business.  (Benefits below for: Training Facilities,Divers & Professionals)

Upgrade Programs

We offer a unique Upgrade Program from various sports diving levels based on experience...

Ways for Industry Professionals to Crossover

Administrative Crossover

This is whereby you may teach any or all ITDA Group Training Programs (Technical, Sports & Medical) to the level at which you are currently certified, with your *current agency. Providing you are in current status and in *good standing...   A Standards Update with an ITDA Group Trainer and interview / Diving Skills and knowledge assessment may also be required...

Crossover and Upgrade

You may crossover at your current level and or upgrade to a higher level.

Course programs are with an ITDA Group Trainer/Course Director or HQ Staff from 3 days to 10 days...

Crossover and Become an ITDA Club Instructor

or Club Owner from Dive Master levels or above. 1 Week (7 day Program is required), or attend an ITP and then an ITDA Club Instructor 3 Day workshop.  (This will greatly depend on your previsous training, certifications and experience, as we offer credits for prior learning and working experience)

Act as a professional Guide (Link Here)

Be an Instructional Assistant (Link Here)

ITDA Club Instructor (Under the supervision of a Trainer or Senior Instructor) Link-Here!

Automatically pre-qualify for our Instructor Training Programs (Link-Here!)

Become a Specialist Instructor / Nitrox Instructor (Link to Nitrox Instructor)

Upgrade to become an ITDA Open Water Scuba Instructor / Drysuit Instructor or pre-qualify for our Sports Instructor level

Dive Leader as a Professional Diverfin_pivot

Instructional Assistant is an additional set of training modules which is added to the Dive Leader Program and includes:

Advanced Dive Planning

Dive Planning and Management

Dive Managment & Organisation

Advanced Decompression Theory

Communication Skills Developmentihmp

Working and Employment in Diving - Occupational Diving Introduction to Hard Hard and SSA Systems

CPR-First-Aid - Oxygen First-Aid - AED/DEA First-aid - Dive Medic - First-Aid At Work

See IHMP First-Aid and Medical Training

Certification is: ITDA Dive Leader (Professional Diver)



Certification Programs