ITDA Entry Level Instructor

First Step in Professional Diving

We can also offer a unique series of Instructor upgrade programs and higher education certification programs... From Leadership levels and accepting all agencies; ITDA Dive Leader - Dive Master - Dive Con - Dive Supervisor - CMAS 3***Star Diver - Leadership levels...

About ITDA Entry Level Scuba Instructorclub_diving

ITDA Entry Level Instructor is a special path created for experienced leadership / dive master levels (Any Agency) to offer them a low cost alternative to taking a full Instructor Training Program (ITP). As they already have a lot of diving experience; Leading Dives, assisting instructors and first-aid / oxygen training and certification.  Plus of course due to this experience they make excellent instructors!

Now offering from March 2019 - FREE YES FREE Certifications for "Experience Programs" - Get Started and Day Courses... So if you are looking for a great first (1st.) diving Experience choose ITDA! e-certificate and e-card for FREE! - Just need to register with ITDA as having completed a program, you instructor can direct you... You can also obtain downloads of the materials / workbook also for FREE.... Your Instructor will need to give their number for ref..  Register Here! to obtain your FREE materials download..


Upgrade Paths to Entry Level Instructor (Scuba Instructor) and / or ITDA Club Instructor

upgrade_pathAny leadership level (Any Agency) can apply directly to ITDA HQ for approval to attend an Entry Level Instructor Program with an ITDA Trainer Assessor or Course Director or with an ITDA Instructor Training Facility or ITDA HQ and authorised Regional Offices and "ITDA Divepro Partners"... Email here for more...

Benefits of ITDA Entry Level Instructor

Low-cost entry (from just $499 usd / €499) to our short course (4 days or over 2 weekends or as evenings etc.) - Title is "Scuba Instructor or Club Instructor".  Other benefits include: Easy Upgrade path to Advanced Scuba Instructor (Specialist Instructor Level 1, and Open Water Instructor. Links are active!   Some ITDA Dive Centres may offer internships or incentives for their Dive Leaders...

Additional Benefits also include:

IHMP First-Aid Instructor CPR and BLS (Basic Life Support) / ALS (Advanced Life Support), Oxygen and AED/DEA First-Aid (At Work Etc.)

Specialist Instructor levels - Scuba Nitrox (32/34% Oxygen) - UW Photo/Video / Buoyancy and Gas Management - Navigation

What levels can an ITDA Scuba and Club Instructor Train and Certify?

Entry Level Scuba Diver / Introduction to Scuba Diving / Day Courses (All limited Certifications requiring professional supervision with depth restrictions) this makes our entry level instructor a very valuable member of the Instruction staff, as it frees up Open Water Instructors for higher level training and certification.  Supervision is required as In-Direct from an Open Water Instructor or above, during all in-water training and maximum ratio of 4:1 students to Scuba / Club Instructor, or 6:1 with a leadership level supervisor.

Upgrade path to Scuba Open Water Instructor

To upgrade from Scuba or Club (Entry Level) Instructor to Scuba Open Water Instructor is just like our Crossover leadership programs and requires attendence at an ITP Instructor Training Program for jus the last 3-4 days. Which reduces the costs significantly...

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