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Get into scuba diving

Even our most basic level of training experience program is a "Certification Level" in having obtained an experience in Scuba Diving with recognition for the theory studied and the diving experience with basic safety skills under strict professional supervision. Limited to supervised diving only to a maximum depth of 12m/40ft. NEWS FLASH - This program as an e-certification is NOW FREE!   YES FREE! 

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TERMS: Please be aware that the FREE registration and FREE Certification e-card is subject to us storing your details in order to promote from time to time our courses and travel packages from our group businesses... We have a very strict No-Spam policy and we never share your information or sell lists to 3rd parties.

Day-Course Programs

SSE  Snorkel and  Scuba Experience

SSE is our unique Snorkel, Scuba Experience program (SSE), designed for resort environments and busy holiday makers who may have limited time but who want to enjoy these exciting water sports... Many dive centres and instructors from many agencies offer "Experience ONLY Scuba Programs", but offer No certification or even recogition for your time and money... We are very different!

What are Day Courses?


diversWho can do it?

Almost everyone can enjoy the day-course program, as the experience part is designed for all to have maximum fun!  As long as you feel OK and are of sound mind and resonably in fair physical shape... Yes! even those who maybe a little out of shape can do it, but it's a little harder for them...

 All you need is to be keen and fine with the water... Anyone with Basic swimming skills can do it!  Or ask your instructor about swimming lessons... Link here to Learn to Swim!


An Olympic Athlete or Professional Swimmer

In perfect Physical Shape or a gymnastic team member

100% physically fit, just in good health

An oceanographer or related to Jaques Cousteaudiver


Have a good attitude and listen to the Instructor Team

Have a good fun factor as you will be entertained

Be able to swim at a basic level and be "Comfortable in the Water!"

Complete some very simple and basic administration forms

What will you do?

scuba_diverWhat will be involved?

You will be introduced to the Instruction Staff Team, these will be your instructors and they are available to answer any questions you may have.  They are highly trained and qualified and have your safety as their first priority at all times.


Your Training team will give you....

A presentation on Safety and Fun Techniques in learning to safely use the equipment for both Snorkelling and Scuba Diving.

There will be an "Interesting" short presentation on what you will need to know and understand about enjoying Snorkelling and learning the basics of Scuba diving for your safety.

Demonstrations on how to use the equipment and basic safety skills and drills to help you to become "Comfirtable" with the equipment and quickly enjoy the experience.

You will, when you are ready be able to put everything you have learned into practice, by using your new knowledge and to develop practical skills in safe training under supervision.

So, all in all a completely fantasic day out and a memory forever, some training facilities may offer to take your photo underwater or on land in your "Dive Gear", so you can share the experience with friends and family...

Link to ITDA Materials to register for FREE download and e-certification Link...

Upgrade to full Certification

Upgrade from this level at the dive centre to a full international diving certification - ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver equal to and exceeds training and certification requirements for: Recreational scuba diver at level 2 "Autonomous Diver" EN 14153-2


Certification Programs