ITDA Advanced sCUBA Diving

And Specialist Diving

ITDA Group International believe that the title of "Advanced Diver" should really denote a diver with a real advanced knowledge of diving theory, advanced diving skills, and a broader range of diving experience then average "Open Water Divers"...

About Our Advanced Programsadv_sports

Whereas many Sports Diving Agencies allow the title of "Advanced Diver" directly from certification as an Open Water Diver and with as little as under a total of 10 dives experience, how can this possibly make anyone an "Advanced Diver"? 

We consider a diver with less tha 10 Open Water dives to be a novice. (All ITDA Entry Level Scuba Courses recommend at least 10 Open Water Dives experience before diving "Unsupervised".)

itda_adSpecialist Levels

We also offer a unique approach to "Specialist Diver Training and Certifications". With our three (3) levels of Advanced Diver Certification. Which is open also to divers from any agency to gain advanced diving experience and certification.

Level 1. 2-4 Dives for the Introduction level. With basic theory and skills in the Specialist Level.  This can be acheived from Resort Diver Level...

Offering entry level divers an "introduction" to specialist training and also offering our professionals  additional certification programs from enrty levels. Link to ITDA Advanced Diving Overview

Level 2. 4-6 Dives for the certification of "Specialist Diver Level". Divers at this level maybe Certified as Specialist Divers... Upgrade from level 1...

Level 3. 6+ Dives, having completed levels 1,2 and 3 would qualify for the rating / title of "Advanced Specialist Diver". Upgrade from level 2. 

Most popular Advanced Diving Programs are our Wreck Diver and Deco Diver Certifications...ihmp

Advanced Specialist

An ITDA Group Advanced Specialist Diver will have a minimum of 10 to 12 dives in the specialist area, with advanced skills and theory knowledge also in that subject. Making them really an "Advanced Diver"....

Our Advanced Specialist Level is also "Open to Divers from other Agencies to gain real Specialist Certifications".

ITDA Advanced Diver Program

ITDA Group International "Advanced Diver" offers our Instructors a unqiue and flexible certification system, with various options for cerification.

ITDA Advanced Diver Certificationccr_group

The ITDA Advanced diver program is totally unique in advanced training and offers a flexible and challenging series of specialist diving activities and training designed to set your foundation secure and firm to become a safer and more experienced diver.

ITDA Advanced Diver Training Includes as training our optional electives: (Electives are dives you choose!)

This is a basic "Introduction" to advanced diving levels in "Specialist Areas". The point being that before you can become fully certified as an advanced specialist diver, you first need a basic understanding of the specialist subject area you want to study to become an advanced diver or specialist diver in...

  • Advanced Buoyancy Workshop
 Buoyancy and Gas Management 
  • Advanced Rescueitda
  • Cave Diving
  • Deep Diving (Deco Diver) / Safe Decompression
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Ntech Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox
  • Wreck Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Search & Recovery
  • Sports CCR Diver
  • ECO Reef Diver / Environmental Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Side Mount Diver
  • Photography / UW Video
  • IHMP Oxygen First Aid

This program is about learning new skills and developing basic ones to new higher levels, it is both challenging and rewarding and will offer you much greater scope in terms of gaining more diving experience safely under supervision. shark

Advanced Diving Course Program Example Features:

ITDA allows the instructor to design or customise an advanced course based on the divers needs, as long as the basic core dives are included and covered before the elective dives are added and completed.

Another ITDA unique opportunity also allows multiple specialist certifications, for example your ITDA instructor could issue if required a certification for each specialist level and subject materials completed.

Core Program 3 Dives: 1. Bouyancy and Gas Mangement (1 Dive) - 2. Deep Diving (1 Dive) - Navigation (1 Dive)  (With plus+ one dive as an elective added, you could be certified as: Deep Diver / Navigation Diver / Buoyancy Specialist, as well as the ITDA Advanced Scuba Diver. (All from one course program) This offers flexibility and opportunity...
  • x2 Dives to 40m/132ft+ Deep & Decompression Practice
  • x2 Dives Navigation & Leading a a Dive
  • x2 Dives for Search & Recovery (Including a Rescue Dive)
  • x2 Elective Dives from the list above

Higher Education Programs are available for Advanced divers, see:

This is much more than any other agency offers for advanced diver training.



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