First-Aid / Emergency Care

This IHMP/ITDA Training and Certification Program is designed for first-response / pre-hospital care and is a combination of our Basic Life Support and Oxygen / AED Programs.

About First-Response

This is a unique program from IHMP/ITDA and offers a medical training program aimed at non-medical professionals but offering a very in-depth study and practice with skills and exercises covering the majority of accidents and injuries both diving modules and non-diving modules.

Flexible Modular Program

As this is a modular program, the students may decide which area's of training that meets their specific or "Specialist" requirements and may build the course around those requirements.

Core Modules

The basic program is built on three core modules: 1. Basic Life Support (Study of Physiology and Anatomy) and General First-Aid covering primary and secondary assessments, risk assessments, basic equipment use. 2. AED and  3. Oxygen First Aid delivery systems.

Modules maybe added for: Diving Accidents / Hyperbaric Operations / Sports Injuries and First-Aid at Work...

Links here to:  Basic Life Support - Oxygen - AED/DEA - Hyperbaric- Dive Medic - Sports Injuries


ITDA Group International and IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Standards meet and exceed in most cases all National and International Standards, Oue CPR Standards follow the latest standards and reviews from the AHA (Americian Heart Association) and the EU ERC (European Resusitation Council).

We also offer training, certification and registration with AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)


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