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O2 First-Aid / Emergency Care

Oxygen is the life giving gas, every cell in our bodies needs oxygen to survive and to develop. Oxygen can help to relieve stress, repair cells and to aid healing.

Uses of Oxygen

Oxygen first-aid is used generally by EMS and also Fire Services and especialiy in the case of a diving accidents or suspected diving accident. Rapid deployment of oxygen can save tissue damage and even lives...

Benefits of Oxygen

One of the most important benefits of oxygen is its ability to reach our cells quickly and help with stress relief and celluar repair, it is very effective in cases of smoke inhalation or in cases of Diving Injuries where DCS or DCI is suspected. 

As the rapid treatment with 100% Oxygen under pressure can reduce the effects of Nitrogen in the bloodstream and in some cases even offer pain relief.

About Our Oxygen First Aid Training

The IHMP Medical Oxygen First Aid Program has been around since 1998 and is currently on a 2012 Release update.  There is a 2015 update in progress...

Program Includes:

 CPR Review and Practice

 Background to How Oxygen works in the Body

 Types of Oxygen and E-Grade Breathing Medical O2

 Metabolic Gas Benefits

 How and When to use Medical Oxygen

 Set Up and Risks Assessment

 Hazards of using 100% Oxygen

 Types of Units - Set up and Break Down

 Rapid Delpoyment of Oxygen Unit

 General Cases where Oxygen use is of Benefit

 Oxygen use in a Diving Accident

 Keep and Storing Oxygen Safely

 Handing over to EMS

 Accident Reporting & Management

Time Scales & Program Admin

 Typically a Course can be from one day to two days, depending on number of students.  Use of a CPR manikin is required and the minimum of four students up to twelve maybe included on a course program based on:

 2-4 Students to 1 Manikin and 1 Oxygen Unit...  Students to rotate in pairs to practice.  Lecture/Theory Study 1-2 hours or self-study 2-3 hours, or Internet Study program...

E-learning Program.   HTML5/Flash and Powerpoint Presentation Test/Quiz

For more information please contact us: admin@diveitda.com


ITDA Group International and IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Standards meet and exceed in most cases all National and International Standards, Oue CPR Standards follow the latest standards and reviews from the AHA (Americian Heart Association) and the EU ERC (European Resusitation Council). We also offer training, certification and registration with AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...


Certification Programs