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Dry Course Specialist Programs

It may seem a little odd for a Diver Training Agency to advertise, market and promote "Non-Diving, Dry Programs", for Certification but they are as important as any diver training in-water!

ITDA Non-Diving, Dry Certification Programs

The ITDA dedication to safer diver training and higher standards for certification means that we both recognise and accept the importance and value of creating a number of diver support training programs, which are land-based and not in-water based.

With exceptional high quality presentations for instructor / Class led training and also on-line web based training in development for 2018.

ITDA Specialist Diver Certifications include: bcd

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Equipment Specialist (Learning about all of the components in the Scuba-Unit and ancillary equipment)


Decompression Theory (Learning about: Diving Physics, Physiology, Dive Tables, using computer models, and safer-diving)


Safer Diving Program Safer Diving Theory is a natural and logical extension of the theory as taught and included in most training agencies open water diver courses but in much more details and covering: Decompression Theory, Physics and Physiology... Available as a certification or knowledge only program.


IHMP First-Aid for Divers (CPR / BLS / DIVE-MEDIC / O2 First-Aid / AED/DEA / ALST andIcod HYPERBARIC Programs)

The ICoD. International College of Diving (On-line Training)

More programs are in development and are being added soon....


We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...

About Us

The ITDA are focused on higher quality training and have created a unique assessment and skills evaluation process based on our step system, building student knowledge and skills slowly (At the pace of the student!)




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