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Not all training agencies are the same!

We are unique in many ways in the Sports diving world as not only do we accept multi-agency instructors and divers but we actively encourage them... ITDA Group International and the International Technical Diving Agency, offer the highest quality, value for money and highest training standards in the Industry...  Please cover this page carefully and if you have any questions email us and we will respond quickly:

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The biggest diver training agency in the world is the American giant "PADI", Professional Association of Diving Instructors. They have recently been bought and sold a few times over the past few years and the agency and their professionals are considered as market leaders. 

The Industry Intelligence business Owler has up to date info on all training agencies. The links below offer an independant insight into our industry...

See this link:  And to compare ITDA please use these two links... We have two main business sites; the International Technical Diving Agency...ITDA Group  and the ITDA

compare_padiAre there many other agencies?

YES! There are many other training agencies around the World, in fact hundreds of them, and new ones coming up all the time but the main players remain. 

Anyone looking to learn to dive or divers looking to advance thier certifications or to become professionals, should look at the training agency very carefully and consider all of the options.

NOT all training agencies are the same, there are many differences in standards as applied to training and certification and many differences in training philosophy and delivery. Also materials, costs and on-going costs, etc.

ITDA An Exclusive Organisationfirst-aid

Unlike other agencies and training bodies we are not concerned about being the largest training organisation in the world, having every dive centre and instructor competing with each other for the same business.  (Benefits below for: Training Facilities,Divers & Professionals)

Upgrade Programs

We offer a unique Upgrade Program from various sports diving levels based on experience and include:Upgrades to Technical Diving...

See ITDA Upgrade Link here...

Ways for Industry Professionals to Crossover

Administrative Crossover

This is whereby you may teach any or all ITDA Group Training Programs (Technical, Sports & Medical) to the level at which you are currently certified, with your *current agency. Providing you are in current status and in *good standing...   A Standards Update (See Standards page) with an ITDA Group Trainer and interview / Diving Skills and knowledge assessment may also be required...  ITDA Crossover Page Link!   -  NEW DEMA Show Offers Lin

Crossover and Upgrade

You may crossover at your current level and or upgrade to a higher level.

Course programs are with an ITDA Group Trainer/Course Director or HQ Staff from 3 days to 10  ITDA Upgrade page!

Crossover and Become an ITDA Club Instructor

or Club Owner from Dive Master levels or above. 1 Week (7 day Program is required), or attend an ITP and then an ITDA Club Instructor 3 Day workshop.  (This will greatly depend on your previsous training, certifications and experience, as we offer credits for prior learning and working experience)

 ITDA Crossover Page Link!


Benefits to Diving Professionals 

More diving professionals are crossing over every day to us for our unique benefits...

We are an International family of diving Professionals - showWe care & Listen to YOU!

Your views and opinions are important to us, as we work together to make our industry better

Good Commissions Paid on our On-line Programs (from 15% to 35%) and NO Training materials stock required

ematerials for training as instant downloads, or licensed flashdrive, you have masters under a license agreement

Higher Training Standards, More Theory, Skills Develoment and More Actual Diving Experience

Higher Level Instructor Qualifications, Specialist and Academic

Unique Upgrade Paths, Rewards and Step Experience Programs

More Specialist Training Choices and Crossover Options

Multi-Agency is actively encourged

Sports - Technical - Medical - PSD and Occupational Diver Programs

Dedicated Admin Support Web site

Global Web Portal for attracting business

Marketing and Training Support