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One of the major causes of diving accidents is PANIC and this happens when divers have trained and even practiced skills to a standard but were not comfortable with their skills and therefore not really competent...  We drill skills to a level of 2nd nature with practice and repeat methods.

Unique ITDA Process -  ITDA Group Philosophy

We do not believe that training safe, competent diving skills is enough... We do believe that for divers to be truly competent they MUST first be comfortable with the required skills as taught and practiced during training. And that this requires additional skills from the instruction team covering a process of continual assessment and evaluation before the student may be certified as competent to complete a module.

 One of the major causes of diving accidents is PANIC and this happens when divers have trained and even practiced skills to a standard but were not comfortable with their skills and therefore not really competent...

Unique Security Features

In partnership with high security printers we have produced a holographic security seal which ensures that each ITDA Group Certification card is instantly verifiable as genuine.

  We also include the name, date of birth and colour photo of the person certified, plus their certification level, date certified and any restrictions on the certification such as depth limits or gases etc. Each certification carries a unique reference number.

Certification Levels are Earned

All levels of ITDA Group and IHMT Medical Training follow a strict curriculum and training syllabus to ensure that wherever and whenever the training is carried out the certification is earned by a combination of constant assessment and evaluation leading to an Internationally set competency level. 

We also have a Quality Assurance Process, where random students are surveyed about their training, and we have a free on-line QA Form which all students are advised of and can complete if desired. See:  Quality Survey Form  

 ITDA Group also offer a  formal complaint procedure and administration service for dealing with standard and compliance issues.

ITDA Value & Recognition

Issuing ITDA Group Certifications (Policy)

On Line ITDA Certification Form with e-Card issued...

Any qualified and current status ITDA Professional or IHMP Instructor and above may issue ITDA Group International and IHMP Certifications which will include: New e-card sent directly to the student. and / or a Security Sealed ID Card, with Name, date of birth and ITDA Group reference number. The card should also have the level certified to, and any restrictions... With also Instructor's name & number, and the Dive Centre (As applicable). Graduates may also register with our App. Deepblu to have FREE use of our International verification service

ITDA Certifications should be accepted and recognized by all dive shops and centers offering any agency including PADI... If you have any problems please direct the centre or instructor/staff, here to our web site standards page or compare ITDA page.  And please email us full details of any problems and will can notify the centre owner and the agency they represent of the situation.  As we encourage centers to accept all agencies that have standards agreements or have; WRSTC / CMAS equal levels or are UK HSE or other Government approved. 

See ITDA Standards page.

ITDA Philosophy

There is a lot more to diver training than just being able to meet a performance objective, i.e. perform a skill to standard... As with many agencies!

The ITDA Group way is to encourage the student to go beyond the standards performance objective in completing skills, and to demonstrate to their instructor that they can do more than just perform a skill. That they can perform the skill to a comfortable level and actually enjoy performing the skills, becoming more than just capable but "Competent"...

Our whole training philosophy is based on the three "C's" principle. (Comfort - Confidence - Competence)

Comfort leads to confidence which in turn generates confidence, and it is confidence that gives us the edge in an emergency, not to panic but to follow our training and procedures... Making for much more competent divers and safer dive buddies...

In addition to all of this we practice skills in shallow water and again at the depth to which we are certified to dive! This means that ITDA Group Divers have more skills and more  confidence than any of the major fast-track agencies.

Application for Certification

Applications for certification: should be be completed at the end of your training program and received by a Regional Office or ITDA HQ within 7-10 days... Or completed On-line after your Instructor has informed you that you have passed, they may issue you with a temporary card / or they may invite you to register on-line, link below....  We will send a confirmation email to your Instructor to confirm your new status.  (Make sure you know the Instructor ITDA Ref. Number and their current email address.) 

See our on-line registration form page link here!...

All certifications are processed within 48hrs. (Of receipt). You should wait no longer then 28 days for your ITDA / IHMP/ Certification card. Dive Centers, Training Facilities and Instructors may issue a 45 day... Temporary card on request (FREE ITDA Admin Service) In the case of e-certifications we will mail you directly with your card... And if you have not already downloaded your training materials we will issue you with a link... To download e-materials.  NO CERTIFICATIONS WILL BE ISSUED WITHOUT LEGAL ITDA MATERIALS BEING PURCHASED!

We will issue you with an automatic e-card valid for life, in most cases. Which emailed to you, on receipt of your completed certification or pre-registration form. (your Instructor MUST Date and e-Sign it, for it to be validated / an Instructor or Dive Centre Stamp is also required as additional security in your log-book. (To protect the value of your ITDA card and to reduce fraud)

Details and links will be sent directly on receipt of your application and payment received from you, of from your instructor or dive centre.  (NO CERTIFICATIONS WILL BE PROCESSED UNLESS WE HAVE RECEIVED FULL PAYMENT IN ADVANCE)  Payment maybe on-line by pay pal (using Debit or Credit cards)or by bank TT or by other agreed means...

3. My Certificate has been lost or Damaged?

We can replace any certificate for you, but you will need your ITDA Ref Number...  The cost is from just $9.99 (plus postage at cost for hard copy) for current ITDA Group Members or $19.99 for non current members.

We also have an E-Certificate process, we can email your as a .PDF or a Jpeg (Hi-Res) from just $10.99...On Line   Certifications maybe obtained by email as PNG or Jpegs (Hi Res) Please email us for details.... Cost is from just $9.99 USD....   Full colour with security background printing for you to print yourself!

Please Note Issued Self- Printed certifications will be pre-printed with your name and level and MUST be Signed and Validated by your Instructor or Training Facility...  (We cannot and will NOT sell certificates to non registered persons)





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